20 Best Short Horror Films We Dare You To Watch Alone Tonight

Photo Credit http://lakeeffect.la/2014/03/25/lights-out-a-short-horror-film/

Do you think you’re a daredevil who gets scared of almost nothing? If so, then here’s a challenge for you–watch these 20 best horror short films, listed below, when no one’s around. These creative, hair-raising movies won’t take up much of your time, and you could watch them all, one after the other, if you’re up for a horror movie marathon. Just ensure, you are prepared with the right equipment to give you company. A torch to investigate strange sounds (since these movies are best enjoyed when the lights have been turned off), a quilt or a sheet to dunk your head under, a cricket bat or even a hammer to protect yourself if you feel someone breathing down your neck, and a telephone to call for help if you’re too petrified. Once you’ve checked off everything on your list, relax and sit down to watch these 20 spine-tingling, spooky movies for an unforgettable scare-fest.

1. Lights Out

Though an award-winning, low-budget short movie, Lights Out is transformed into a blood-curdling work of art. So many of us live by ourselves, away from family, and it isn’t unnatural to sometimes imagine weird stuff. Yet, we only know the difference between hallucination and reality when we come face to face with ‘the dreaded one.’

2. Mama

This short film is the one that inspired the Hollywood motion picture, ‘Mama,’ directed by Guillermo del Toro. If the longer version scared you, this little gem will obviously make you jump out of your seat.

3. The Little Witch

Have you grown up believing that there were monsters under your bed? If yes, we dare you to watch this flick when there’s absolutely no one else in the house. A take on a classic folklore, this film about a child who wants her dad to check for monsters under her bed, has an unexpected end that will leave you feeling uncomfortable long after it’s over.

4. Doppelganger

Would you believe everything you hear and say, even when it defies logic? Who would you trust, your instincts, your loved ones, or their doppelganger? Right till the end, this arresting movie keeps you wondering what’s coming next.

5. He Dies at the End

This movie teaches us one of life’s most important lessons. As Shakespeare’s Julius Caesar rightly declared, “Cowards die many times before their deaths,” this film reinforces the belief that the only thing that could prove to be our end is fear.

6. The Closet

Two grown-up sisters decide to hide in their mother’s closet, hoping to give a pleasant birthday surprise when she arrives home. Nonetheless, is their mom who she appears to be? You need to watch the movie to find out; but viewing it alone or not is up to you.

7. 2 AM- The Smiling Man

Envision a tranquil night, where you are out for some fresh air, and you encounter a strange, smiling man. He might make you momentarily smile back with his little tap dance. However, wouldn’t you be freaked out if he followed you around wherever you went, speeding behind you if you decide to run? Yes, that is exactly what this movie is all about. No ghost maybe, but the Smiling Man will unquestionably send chills down your spine.

8. Maniac

Directed by Transformers star Shia Labeouf, the movie follows two friends on killing sprees who are being filmed by a documentary movie-maker. The killers have a target in mind, and they are also aware that they are being filmed. However, what they do, when they still have a victim to kill so they can complete their number, comes absolutely out-of-the-blue. It isn’t a ghost movie, but the mindless violence depicted definitely makes you nauseous.

9. The Cat With Hands

If you are usually fond of cats, this film might make you go queasy in your stomach the next time your pet rubs itself against you. This story about a cat that only wants to be human is in no way endearing, and you might end up wishing you hadn’t watched it alone.

10. The Black Hole

Sometimes, too much greed can kill you, and The Black Hole is about a haunted sheet of paper with a big, black circle printed on it. It allows the protagonist to slide his hand through the paper, to even access a locked vending machine, without putting in a coin. However, this tiny film teaches you subtly that going beyond certain limits, is a big no-no.

11. Behind The Door

If you believe in monsters, especially the ones that stop at nothing to enter your house, you definitely do not want to watch this alone. The movie is about a scary entity that can come in only by invitation. Easy to deal with that, you must be thinking. Nevertheless, would you be deceived and let him in, if the creature imitated the voices of your loved ones?

12. Coffer

When a woman suddenly hears a box in her living room making unusual noises, she is in for the shock of her life. If you’re a huge fan of horror, but definitely not the gory kind, this one’s ideal for scaring you out of your wits with its sudden thrill. Created by Swedish director, David F. Sandberg, and enacted by his wife, Lotta Losten, this film, with an intelligent storyline, is abundant with creepy sound effects that are enough to make you run for your life.

13. Birthday Boys

This movie deals with the issue of abortion, often without the consent of family members. It is an unusual take on the subject, which is depicted from the point of view of the unborn child, and the possibilities, if it were to be brought back from the dead.

14. Behind Closed Doors

This animated film might not prove to be technically brilliant, but it definitely is worth a watch. It shows us how the word ‘monster’ may have different connotations, and sometimes, it probably isn’t such a bad thing to be one for yourself.

15. Selfie

Watch this movie alone, and selfies will no longer be your idea of fun—especially on Halloween. Selfie is a well-made film with no added frills, but it beyond doubt redefines terror.

16. Waffle

Revenge has a new name—Waffle. While the movie teaches us to show compassion towards others, it also leans towards the opinion that it’s alright to mutilate someone if they are anything but friendly. This short film about cold-blooded vengeance is undoubtedly a gut-wrenching one.

17. Apartment 41

Moving into a new apartment to run from the ugly past is this young lady’s idea of salvation. However, is there any respite when a vengeful spirit follows you wherever you go? This psychological horror movie might end up giving you sleepless nights, especially if you live alone.

18. Not So fast

This film builds on your terror of being followed by the unknown and the unseen. Imagine a black space, with a door as your only ray of hope. However, what happens when you try to run, only to be dragged back each time, and when you do reach the door to freedom, it slams shut at the crucial moment? Duck under a sheet, and watch the movie, if you have the nerve to find out.

19. Attic Panic

In this short horror flick, a woman encounters a mysterious figure clothed in a white bed sheet, in her attic. The atmosphere is eerie with chilling sound effects thrown in here and there, including squeaking light bulbs. The twist in the tale proves to be the icing on the cake.

20. Cam Closer

While taking a seat to have a cup of tea and an apple, a woman decides to take a photograph with her camera phone. However, the special camera captures things that she can’t see with her naked eye. Kudos to the lady for her inquisitiveness; anyone else with a sound mind would probably flee!