21 Breathtaking Pieces of Street Art From India You Need To See Right Now!!

21 Breathtaking Pieces of Street Art From India You Need To See Right Now!!

India’s been associated with fine art for a really long time now and even during the medieval period and the British era, the country was famous for being the motherland of world renowned painters like Raja Ravi Verma. Artists like MF Hussain and Yusuf Arakkal, blew away the minds of art patrons through their exceptional works in recent times. However, fine art has been evolving continuously and is not just confined to a canvas anymore. Different forms of expression such as street art, Graffiti, and contemporary murals have become popular trends of the 21st century and have been taking the world by storm. Apart from these, the Indian public has also been a witness to the mind-boggling 3D street art in the past few years. Here are a few extraordinary works of street art that made Indian pavements and streets seem more colorful and were brushed on for a cause, because these painters made their art speak louder than their words.

1. Out Of The Box Advertising
Indian emulsion brand ‘Asian Paints’ found a new way to grab the attention of the people of Mumbai, by getting this incredible piece of 3D art done on the floor. This unique move has paved way for a new advertising trend in the country.

Street Art 1http://www.instantshift.com/2013/06/17/45-absolutely-breathtaking-3d-chalk-art/

2. Medieval India On The Pavement
Tracy Lee Stum, one of the finest street art and graffiti artist living in India, gives onlookers a glimpse of the medieval times on the pavement through her incredible work.

Street Art 2https://flic.kr/p/4TbwFP

3. The Hanging Bridge of Hell
An artist named Mukesh from India is the genius behind this masterpiece, which was created on a marbled floor. The picture depicts a weak, hanging bridge towering over a volcano.

Street Art 3http://3dchalkartindia.blogspot.in/search?updated-max=2014-11-29T14:30:00-08:00&max-results=5

4. Pothole With A Difference
Potholes are not something new to the average Indian motorist. However, a hole which opens to a pool with sky blue colored water? Now, that’s a first! This extraordinary piece of art is a result of the collaboration of two creative geniuses named Chetan Agarwal and Avinash Goenka. Surprisingly, both these gentlemen worked as software professionals, before turning towards graffiti and street art.

Street Art 4http://www.3dstreetartindia.com/portfolio_two.html

5. Art For Social Awareness.
Bengaluru based artist Badal Nanjundaswamy, painted this scary looking demon on a road to draw the attention of the public towards a serious civic concern. The mouth of the demon in the picture is actually an uncovered pothole, an issue which wasn’t resolved by the civic authorities for a long time.

Street Art 5http://economictimes.indiatimes.com/slideshows/day-in-pics/june-06-2014/an-artist-using-opening-of-an-unattended-manhole-as-a-canvas-to-depict-yama/slideshow/36164765.cms

6. Booking Her Way To Fame
Artist Tracy Lee Stum displays yet another breathtaking work of street art. The artist of American origin amazed the people this time with her creation of a pile of books, an illustration to raise awareness on the need for education in the country.

Street Art 6http://tracyleestum.com/incredible-3d-street-art-india/

7. Vintage Wonder
Getting a glimpse of a vintage wonder on the road might leave you excited, but the feeling of witnessing a classic inscribed on a pavement? Priceless! Isn’t it? This evergreen beauty of the vintage era was inscribed on the ground by the Bengaluru based maverick artist, Badal Nanjundaswamy.

Street Art 7https://www.behance.net/gallery/7149897/me

8. The Hammer of Thor
Known for being an identity of the comic Superhero Thor, this creation is groundbreaking in every sense of the word. The credit for decorating this Indian street with this amazing 3D picture goes to the talented artist Mukesh.

Street Art 8

Street Art 8Ahttp://3dchalkartindia.blogspot.in/search?updated-max=2014-11-29T14:30:00-08:00&max-results=5

9. Kolkata in a Frame
The city of joy, Kolkata, is culturally vibrant and describing or depicting the mood of this East Indian city, is quite a challenge for any creative mind. However, Tracy Lee Stum has managed to capture the essence of Kolkata in a single picture. The famous yellow colored local cabs, the traffic and a figure resembling legendary filmmaker Satyajit Ray, was praised by many residents of the city.

Street Art 9http://derwombat.net/2014/10/06/us-artist-brings-alive-kolkata-street-in-3d/

10. Peeping Tom
This marvelous sketch of a broken floor, revealing a basement of a building, is the result of the collaboration of the software professionals turned artists Avinash Goenka and Chetan Agarwal.

Street Art 10http://www.3dstreetartindia.com/portfolio_two.html

11. The Great Indian Glamour Queen
This picture, which represents the average Indian woman who has excelled in the field of performance art, was one of the highlights of the ‘Kalaghoda Arts Festival,’ held in Mumbai recently. The admirers of the work included sections of the media, as well as patrons of art. The person behind this street marvel is none other than Tracy lee Stum.

Street Art 11Street Art 11: Image Source http://tracyleestum.com/incredible-3d-street-art-india/

12. A Stunning Reflection
Doesn’t this picture seem puzzling, to an extent? Might look like the men are trying to cross a pool of water on the pavement, but it is actually a work of street art. This creation of artist Mukesh grabbed the attention of the public near Powai Plaza, Mumbai.

Street Art 12http://3dchalkartindia.blogspot.in/2014/11/an-exclusive-update-of-my-project-with.html

13. A Cliff On The Bridge
This work of art is another product of the artist Tracy Lee Stum, who is a powerhouse of imagination. Replicating a cliff on a bridge with paint would leave any person thrilled for a few seconds.

Street Art 13http://tracyleestum.com/incredible-3d-street-art-india/

14. The Traditional Indian Rangoli
Long before Graffiti and Street art arrived at the Indian shore, ‘Rangoli’ was the predominant form of Indian art. Women belonging to orthodox Indian families, even today, inscribe the Rangoli outside their homes even today. A Rangoli competition was organized at the Mylapore area of Chennai recently to encourage this great talent of Indian women, which goes unnoticed.

Street Art 14http://www.greenme.it/spazi-verdi/ethicme/1845-kolam-o-rangoli-l-antica-stree-art-indiana-foto

15. Steps on a Pavement
The residents of Kochi, Kerala got to see something unusual on one of their pavements recently. Two artists from the coastal Indian city named Jincy Babu and Limnesh Augustine sketched something that looks like an empty swimming pool on a pavement. This act soon grabbed the attention of the media as well as the onlookers.

Street Art 15http://www.newindianexpress.com/cities/kochi/Steps-in-the-Middle-of-a-Pavement-No-Its-a-3D-Painting/2014/10/29/article2497721.ece

16. Dolphins On The Shore
When one creative genius meets the other, magic takes place. That’s exactly what happened on this beach in Orissa. World-renowned sand artist Sudarshan Patnaik and painter/graffiti icon Tracy Lee Stum collaborated to produce an attraction that beach-goers had never seen before. Hundreds of them flocked to the tourist spot to just witness this incredible creation.

Street Art 16http://tracyleestum.com/incredible-3d-street-art-india/

17. The Pavement River
Kochi, which has been slowly making waves for its art, played host to the ‘Kochi-Muziris Biennale’ recently. One of the highlights of this art event was the exhibition of what looks like a river flowing on a pavement.

Street Art 17http://archives.deccanchronicle.com/130220/lifestyle-booksart/article/3d-brushman-canal

18. Long Live Mahatma!
Yes, the legendary freedom fighter from India continues to live in the hearts of the country. He has been the face of currency notes for decades now and has even become a favorite amongst street art illustrators. This painting was created on a street located in Kolkata.

Street Art 18http://tracyleestum.com/incredible-3d-street-art-india/

19. Street Rafting
Why pack your bags and head to an adventure resort for river rafting, when the experience is just at your doorstep. 3D artist Mukesh’s illustration of a boat moving through a furious stretch of water, made people flock this street to get a glimpse of the unique style of art.

Street Art 19http://3dchalkartindia.blogspot.in/2014/04/a-workshop-with-tracy-lee-stum.html

20. Out of the Paper
This Eagle stretching its head out of a sheet of paper is perhaps one of the finest examples to back the idiom ‘Out of the box.’ Yet again, it’s the woman who revolutionized street art in India- Tracy Lee Stum.

Street Art 20http://tracyleestum.com/incredible-3d-street-art-india/

21. Art and Bollywood
How can this iconic Indian movie star be spared by street artists? The illustration on this famous wall adjacent to a bustling street in Mumbai is a tribute to one of the most legendary actors of Bollywood – Amitabh Bachchan.

Street Art 21http://lolimax.com/files/index.php?option=com_content&view=article&id=104:beautiful-mural-in-india&catid=79:painting-art&Itemid=38