10 Things You Didn’t Know About Shanti Dynamite

10 Things You Didn’t Know About Shanti Dynamite
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The lives of people associated with the world of glamour, has always been a subject of great curiosity amongst the Indian masses. Right from the bygone era, the lifestyle of popular Bollywood actresses has been contributing to the content of gossip columns. The recent times has seen people from unusual professional backgrounds break into the big bad world of Bollywood. One amongst these was the Canada based porn star Sunny Leone, who had already become a rage over the internet through her work, much before the release of her Hindi mainstream flick. Another person from the adult film industry who has followed suit is the damsel Shanti Dynamite. Shanti appeared on the popular Indian reality show ‘Bigg Boss’ and has grabbed the interest of the film fraternity and the Indian masses. The adult movie star has even agreed to work in an Indian film, which is a known fact. However, here are hot photos of Shanti Dynamite & 10 facts about her life which you probably didn’t know.

1. Her Roots & Original Name
This famous Porn star was born to an Indian Punjabi mother and a Greek father. The place of her birth was Uganda, where her father was posted as an ambassador of Greece. Her parents decided to part ways when she was hardly nine years old, after which she lived with her mother. She was originally christened Sofia Vasileiadou and adopted the pseudonym ‘Shanti’ much later.


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2. A True Punjabi
Shanti Dynamite was raised as a devout Sikh as a child. She frequently visited Gurudwaras, the holy shrine for followers of the Sikh religion. She was accustomed to traditional Indian food as a child and often wore Indian attire. According to sources, Shanti still adores the rich Punjabi culture, gifted to her by her Indian mother.

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3. Struggles As A Child
After her parents parted ways, Shanti relocated to London with her mother. Her initial days at the city were really difficult, since Shanti’s mother was financially unstable. Although her mother pursued a profession as a nurse, her earnings were insufficient to make ends meet. At the tender age of sixteen, Shanti enrolled at a hair and beauty institute, before she broke into the porn industry. The glamorous diva was also associated with drug gangs, during her stay in London.

4. One of Asia’s Sexiest
The Asian newspaper ‘Eastern Eye,’ ranked the porn star 48th in the list of ’50 Sexiest Asian Women.’ This list also included many famous names from the world of Bollywood, such as Aishwarya Rai, Priyanka Chopra, Kareena Kapoor and Katrina Kaif. The poll helped Shanti Dynamite gain a lot of visibility amongst the Indian public. This survey also played a big role in helping Shanti becoming a hot-topic in the Indian media.

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5. Shanti’s Initiative
Not many know that Shanti Dynamite owns a company which churns out music videos aimed at adults. In addition, this firm also produces content related to the awareness of AIDS. Shanti’s production company has also taken into account the need of emphasizing on sex education in the country and produces videos related to the same.

6. Pride of Playboy
Shanti Dynamite is one of the few women of Indian origin to appear on the pages of the world renowned adult magazine –Playboy. Her association with the adult magazine has also played a vital role in popularizing her antics amongst people from India and filmmakers in the country.

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7. Ticket To Bollywood
Just like renowned adult movie star Sunny Leone, Shanti Dynamite also desired to make her mark in Bollywood for long and seems like her wish has finally been fulfilled. The porn star has been chosen to appear in an item song in a commercial Bollywood flick. The news of Shanti being a part of the movie’s cast has generated a lot of curiosity among Bollywood cinema lovers which only boosted her views on the internet. Only time will tell if this dashing young woman who tasted success in the adult film industry will take Bollywood by storm too.

8. Allegation Against Sunny Leone
Shanti Dynamite made headlines in 2014 when the Sunny Leone starrer Bollywood flick ‘Ragini MMs 2’ released. The former Playboy playmate accused Leone of mimicking her moves in the video of the chartbuster song ‘Babydoll.’ Shanti told folks from the media that she was shocked on seeing the footage of the song which became a rage on the internet.

Shanti 8

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9. Grabbing The Limelight
This 21-year-old bombshell’s first explicit work in front of the camera was her appearance in the UK based television show ‘Hotel Voyeur,’ in which she was supposed to appear topless. Since her debut on ‘Hotel Voyeur,’ the porn star has been making waves in the world of glamour. Added to that, she then gained popularity by becoming a host on an adult talk show and a string of porn flicks.

10. Lover of Indian Food & Shopping
Although she has been raised in the United Kingdom, Shanti Dynamite is still quite attached to her Indian roots and was spotted by the shutterbugs on Indian streets. She was seen enjoying a plate of ‘Chaat’ – a popular type of Indian roadside snack and even trying to ride a bicycle cart.

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