11 Things You Probably Didn’t Know About The Delhi Metro

11 Things You Probably Didn’t Know About The Delhi Metro

There is no dearth of public transport in a country like India. However, issues like reliability and the concern of reaching the desired destination on time while travelling by buses and trains, is a matter that has bothered commuters living in big Indian cities. Towards the end of the 2000’s, the Delhi metro transport system came as a huge sigh of relief for the people residing in the Indian capital. The sophisticated mode of transport allowed people to reach their destinations in lightning speeds and reach on the dot by evading the traffic bottlenecks on the roads. The cost of a Delhi metro ticket is as economic as any other mode of transport in the city, thus making it the most preferred travel option to commute within Delhi. One can even keep himself updated with the schedule of the various trains well in advance, before starting his journey. Here are 10 interesting facts about the Delhi metro system which you probably didn’t know, read on.

1. Public’s Highest Preference
The metro has become the most convenient form of travel for the average Delhi resident, since it saves one from the hassles of commuting in traffic and braving the pollution. It has been observed that in a matter of one year, the number of people transported by this metro service is more than a whopping 700-million people. Believe it or not, that’s more than double the number of people residing in the United States.

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2. Frequency That Impresses
The Delhi metro has restored the faith of the people in terms of the reliability of public-transport service in India. A prime reason why the Delhi metro has become a favorite means of transport amongst the people residing in the Indian capital is the unbelievable frequency and punctuality of the trains. A train arrives at the end of every minute at every metro station in the city. So a commuter never sulks even if he misses one, because the next train to his destination will arrive within a jiffy. It’s high time every other transport service in India becomes as disciplined as the Delhi Metro System.

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3. Metro On The Fingertips
Regular commuters of the Delhi metro can keep themselves updated with the schedule of each of the 200 trains even before reaching the station. All they need to do is install the Delhi Metro app on their cell phones to gain access to this one of a kind service. Authorities belonging to several other states of the country are looking at ways of incorporating this tech-savvy convenience into their public transport system.

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4. Dirt & Dustbin Free
Unlike most railway stations in the country, the Delhi metro stations are clean and tidy. Surprisingly, you won’t find dustbins at any of these junctions, yet, on any given day, not even a single trace of trash or litter can be found in any of the metro stations.

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5. Bicycles For Rent
This is perhaps one of the best facilities introduced to the Indian public in recent times. Much to the common man’s delight, the benefits of the Delhi Metro station is not just restricted to the walls of a station alone. The Delhi Metro service also rents out bicycles to daily commuters outside its stations. These two wheelers are available for a dirt cheap price and would cost only Rs 10/- for a matter of 4 hours. Not only does it help one lose calories and revisit his childhood, but also helps in preventing pollution to a very large extent.

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6. Escalators That Guard Saris
The escalator has constantly been a cause of great concern for the average Indian woman who is comfortable being dressed only in Sari. Every metro station in Delhi is equipped with escalators that are friendly to the Sari-clad woman. The blades of the escalator deflect clothes sticking to them automatically. In addition, these escalators also have an emergency stop button that halts the facility if required, due to any unforeseen situation.

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7. Specially Designed For The Differently-Abled
Unlike scaling the flight of steps in a public bus, boarding the Delhi metro is never a challenge for the differently-abled residents of the Delhi Metro. Apart from flights of steps and the escalators, metro stations have additional options such as specially designed sloped paths and elevators to help physically challenged commuters reach their train. The buttons on the lift are also installed at a low height and even consist of braille inscriptions, thus, helping in making the metro experience a convenient one for all.

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8. The Mascot
Apart from the efficiency of its services, here is another fact about the Delhi metro which makes it seem rather interesting. The face of the Delhi metro service is its mascot- Maitree. The inspiration behind the idea of a mascot was a baby girl who was born in one of the train coaches, in the year 2012. This baby girl was later named ‘Maitree,’ which is now a famous name in Delhi, thanks to the metro service. Pictures and mannequins of the mascot across various metro stations, depict Maitree as a girl clad in a blue uniform.

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9. Circular Discs
This is a common sight across all metro stations in New Delhi. They might seem like boards installed for playing dart, but these discs serve a totally different purpose altogether. The appearance of these discs keeps birds like pigeons at bay by distracting them. The discs are installed close to roof tops, thus preventing such birds from sitting on the roof and littering on the busy-bee civilians.

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10. Unbelievable Distance & Speed
Around 200 metro trains operate in New Delhi each day and travel approximately 69,100 kilometers every year, which is actually much more than the circumference of planet Earth. The speed of the trains can vary between 80kmph to even 130kmph. Reaching a place like Kashmere Gate, starting from Chandni Chowk would take ages traveling by road, but the Delhi metro makes it possible to reach the destination in a matter of 20 minutes.

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11. One Of The World’s Best
Believe it or not, the Delhi metro which started rather recently has fetched a laurel which most other such train services across the world haven’t. The Delhi metro service has been rated as the second most efficient public transport system in the world, the metro train service at New York ranks first in this regard.

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