20 Beautiful & Easy Nail Art Ideas To Do At Home

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‘Trifles make perfection, and perfection is no trifle’ said by renowned artist Michelangelo, and most women understand the meaning in entirety. Women strive for perfection in whatever we do and especially when it is something concerning style quotient. From head to toe, they take care of the minute details and every single day come up with new ideas to improvise. This is an art in itself and women know how much it matters to look good because it makes one feel good. Apart from clothes, stilettoes and accessories, a very integral part of our style is nails art, wherein nails become the canvas. This seems to be a laborious and time consuming task, but trust us, it is NOT. We have found some easy nail art methods which are elegant at the same time. Next time when you wish to paint your nails do try these 20 beautiful and easy nail art ideas at home.

1. The Polka Dots
An evergreen pattern, the polka dots; this is one of those patterns which attracts women anytime any day. This design is easy and fast and yet elegant. Demarcate your nails with some polka dots and even in a hurry burry, this pattern doesn’t spoil the curry (elegance).

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2. The Triangle Look
Paint the nails with a base coat, carefully place some thin lined paper stripes, and then paint your nails. After this, slowly remove the stripes and see the magic.

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3. The Simple Curves
No tricks required to get this curved nail pattern; just swipe paint on your nails making a curve. This art looks better in monochrome, but it will surely look good in any contrasting colour.

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4. A Dot Is All You Need
Sometimes a tinge of nail paint on the nails can look as good as a fully painted nail. Try it and you will know for yourself.

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5. Go The Zig Zag Way
Cut a sheet in a zig zag pattern, place it on your nails and paint them. It’s so good that the after effects will leave you awestruck. \To make it even easier, one can always use the Stick Me Nails sticker.

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6. Mix & Match
Who said only nail paint can help us give our nails a beautiful look? This nail art tells us how we can mix eye shadow with clear nail paint and give our nails that matte finish with an all new colour which is not available in the market.

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7. Dip & Dab
Get as many colours as you want on your long shiny nails. A sponge can make it an easy task. Spread the colours you want in juxtaposition, fill the gaps with a toothpick and then dip a piece of sponge in the colour. Once the colour is on the sponge, dab it on the nails to get that flawless painted nails.

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8. Plastic Paper Magic
A crumpled plastic paper can help in nail painting? Sounds weird, isn’t it? But this is true. Paint the nails take a plastic paper and make it creased. Now brush this paper with shiny nail paint and tap it on the nails. Done!

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9. The Geometric Nail
We might not remember those geometry sums we learnt at school, but we definitely remember the geometric figures. These shapes can actually be made on our nails and make them flaunt-able. A pair of decorative scissors and tapes will help you get geometry on your fingertips.

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10. Bobby Pin To Bobby Print
You might be wondering how to get those perfect spot on your nails. The answer is much simpler than it seems. Paint the nails with a base coat, pick up a contrasting paint and a bobby pin; with the end of the pin you can easily give that dotted look to the nails.

Photo Credit https://stilettosandtequila.wordpress.com/2013/07/18/10-popular-nail-art-i-am-loving-this-summer/

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11. Change The Colour
We do not have to worry or spend much time with this nail art as this innovative nail paint changes colour in accordance to the temperature. The only thing we need to do is put on this nail polish and enjoy. This changing UV nail gel is truly magical and desirable.

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12. Forget Paper, Write On Nails
Gone are the days when writing was only associated with pen and paper. The trending nail artists have shown that we can also pen our words on the nails and make them attractive. Put on a light coloured paint and scribble on it with a marker or acrylic colour or a black nail paint, and the result is going to be great.

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13. Easy Lazy Swipes
The style which carelessness brings is matchless. Some haphazard lazy strokes of nail paint on a base polish will make the nails look gorgeous.

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14. Newspaper Nails
Painting the nails with the newspaper style is an easy process which requires nail paint, some tit bits of newspaper and alcohol. Do not worry if alcohol is not accessible because it can be substituted with mouthwash which is handy at every household. Paint the nails with a lighter shade and wait till it dries. When dry, dip them in alcohol or mouthwash one by one and placing a piece of newspaper on each nail, press it for a few seconds. Remove the paper and coat the nails with a clear paint.

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15. Paint It The Sharpie Way
A sharpie or marker is an awesome instrument with which you can give your nails several new forms as you can write or paint whatever you desire with these tools.

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16. Close At Hand
We buy vegetables and fruits and along with it come the loofah net which goes straight into the dustbin. But you would be surprised to know that this net can work wonders when it comes to nail painting. Apply dark nail paint and when it dries place the loofah net on your fingers. Then paint the nails with golden or silver. When the net is removed, you will find a beautiful design on the nails.

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17. The Creative Arc
Make an arc near the cuticle and give your nails a delighting look. Place a reinforcement sticker on the nails and paint over it. The sticker is removed and we get perfect half-moon structures on our nails.

Photo Credit http://www.elle.com/beauty/makeup-skin-care/tips/g8555/how-to-create-a-half-moon-manicure/

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18. Splash It
Modern art on nails! How does this sound? Yes, it’s easy and does not require any well lined or measured carvings. Just take your favourite colours and with the help of a straw splash it all over your finger. But before that, apply a base coat preferably white paint and tape cover the area surrounding the fingers. Hustle free nails ready to rock.

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19. Shine Through
Shine your way with a little glittery sprinkle. Apply any colour you like and wait for it to dry. Then apply a clear paint and drizzle the nails with glitters. Follow this and get glossy glistening nails within a few minutes.

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20. Do It Your Way
Combine your innovativeness and creativity along with the tips and tricks of nail art and bring out as many art forms as you please.

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All the Best!

Do you like this nail art? Which nail art did you like the best?