20 Indian Foods That Taste Better During A Rainy Day

20 Indian Foods That Taste Better During A Rainy Day

Drizzles, showers, lazy hours, cozy days… yes, that’s what we relate Monsoon to. With the onset of monsoon, the scorching heat of the summer is bid goodbye and people welcome the new season with open arms. Who does not like rain;especially, after the perspiration of summer, getting drenched in the rain is a respite. Apart from the pleasant weather, monsoon is a season when we take immense delight in food. The chill which the rain brings is best complemented with hot, tangy, spicy food. Whether we are indoors or outdoors, a downpour invariably induces a craving for some lip-smacking crunchy food.There are many foods which are available round the year, but during the rainy season, these foods taste different and better. In the hustle and bustle of life when most of us relate rain to long stretched stagnant traffic, here is a list of those foods which remind us that rain is to be celebrated. These foods will help us enjoy the monsoon in the best possible way.

1. Tea

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Rain and Tea! An inseparable combination. Ranked second on the world’s most consumed drinks, tea, is the most preferred drink during the rainy season. And for all who are not a tea-person, coffee is always a good alternative.
This monsoon when it starts raining cats and dogs while you are waiting for the bus to arrive, enjoy the shower with a cup of kadak chai (tea).

2. Hot & Spicy Soup

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Monsoon is said to be a season when we should be a little more careful about our health. A bowl of hot soup is what we need, to provide us with the essential nutrients. At the same time it satisfies our craving tummy, and heart. Savoring, a bowl of hot and delectable soup while enjoying the drizzle outside is a treat for the battered soul.

3. Egg Chop/Dimer Devil

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A plate full of egg chop, a group of friends and of course, tea. A perfect moment! Thunder, lightning, downpour, uninterrupted conversations, a sip of tea or coffee along with the unassuming yet delicious egg chop, is something which reliefs one of all the stress and worries. A moment worth rejoicing.

4. Paneer Tikka

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The sight of the food is in itself so satisfying. The paneer teamed up with red, yellow and green bell pepper, grilled at high flame and sprinkled with various spices, is sure to make all drool. A get-together or a lone rainy evening, this appetizing food will work wonders.

5. Samosa

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There is no gainsaying the fact that samosa is perhaps the most popular snack in India. This refreshment is extremely delicious and almost every Indian is a fan of this satisfying food. This has been a favorite treat in India since time immemorial. In the inflation ridden world of today, the samosa remains one of the most affordable food items.
During monsoon, sudden downpour is a common phenomenon. While on the road, scuffling to find a shade, samosas are the best way to kill time.

6. Palak Bhajia

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Palak or spinach is highly nutritious and is a must buy for the household grocery and people use it to cook different delicacies.
In monsoon, when we want to savour something crispy, spinach can be of great help. We can prepare spinach bhajia. Some like to prepare palak bhajia by finely chopping the spinach and some just dip the leaves in the batter. This homemade snack is nourishing unlike the street foods and is a healthier and tastier option for the health-conscious.

7. Cutlet (Vegetable, Chicken, Mutton, Mushroom)

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This food is a common favorite among Indians and has a huge variety. Cutlets can be made with vegetables, mushroom, chicken and even mutton. This mouthwatering food is one of the best snacks to munch on during the rainy season.

8. Onion Pakoda/Bhaji

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Onion Pakoda is as easy to prepare as a ready-to-cook dish, and serves the purpose of an evening snack quite well. Some like to retain the mild sweetness of the onion so prepares the pakoda by cutting the onion into rings and dipping them into batter made with besan, while others chop onion, mix it with the batter and deep fry. During the rainy season, family time with onion bhaji along with some hot beverage always gets thumbs up.

9. Bread Chop

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Almost every morning some people have bread with butter or jam, for their breakfast. However, during monsoon, bread is desired in a spicy and crunchy form other than the age-old breakfast menu. So, bread takes a new avatar in the rainy season, which is hugely different from the one often associated with bread. Yes, it is the bread chop. Here the bread is stuffed with spiced potato or other vegetables like a sandwich, dipped into a thick batter and deep fried. Sounds yummy, isn’t it?

10. Bhel Puri

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Bhel or puffed rice is not a favorite for many people. However, when boiled potato, finely chopped tomato, bhujia, masala, salt, tamarind syrup and jagerry syrup, is added to it, bhel transcends to another level. The enticing bhelpuri drives the average Indian crazy. The unassuming dish is even its magic in countries across the world.
People enjoying monsoon drizzles while having bhelpuri on roadside stalls is a familiar view. Bhel puri can also be made at home and one can always enjoy it even when indoors watching the beautiful rain.
Bhelpuri cannot be stored to have later, but the best part about it is that, it gets over in no time owing to its irresistible mouth-watering taste.

11. Misal Pav

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Misal pav is a delicacy originating from the Indian state of Maharashtra. It is full of health as the key ingredient that goes into the tempting dish is sprouts. Though it was intended to be a breakfast dish, it has emerged as one of the most loved street food over the years.
Missal pav is another food which is desired more during the monsoon. Served hot, this sprout curry satiates one’s longing for spicy food during the rainy season.

12. Bhutta (corn)

monsoon food 12http://www.gustusvitae.com/recipes-blog/spicy-oven-roasted-corn-on-the-cob-recipe/

Bhutta or corn roasted on high flame over charcoal, laced with a generous amount of butter and sprinkled with spices is a treat during the monsoon showers. The warmth of burning charcoal is a feel-good experience especially when the weather turns a bit chilly after a downpour. The smoky flavor gives the corn a different taste altogether.

13. Poha

monsoon food 13http://webgracia.com/erecipeguide.com/batata-poha-aloo-poha

Poha also originates from Maharashtra, and has been popular with the Indians. Boiled potato, peanuts, and spices added to soaked flattened rice, gives the dish a taste which is mild yet lingering. The garnishing differs from person to person, some like it with bhujia and coriander leaves while some others like it with the curry leaves aroma. The monsoon breeze conjures to make poha more aromatic.

14. Jalebi

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People have their own way to relish the mouth-watering, twisted Indian jalebi. Many like it with ice-cream or yogurt, while others complement it with a spicy or salty snack. But having jalebi during the rains is a different experience. Hot fried jalebi dipped in sugar syrup. Yummy!

15. Chaat

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Chaat is one of the most lip-smacking delicacies in India and rainy season most definitely adds to its delectability quotient. So while it’s pouring outside and is getting all broody and sulky, why not spice things up with a zesty, drooly plate of freshly prepared chaat.

16. Kachori

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Kachori is a famous snack in India, and has many variations from state to state. The key ingredients are besan (gram flour) and moong dal. Gram flour dough is made into balls and is stuffed with fried moong dal, which is then deep fried. Crunchy outside and crispy within; it is also made with onion filling, known as pyaaz ki kachori.

17. Chips & Dip

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A bowl of dip or chutney prepared with preferred ingredients, coupled with chips is the best way to enjoy leisure time. People, who like to enjoy rain staying indoors and dwell in the pitter-patter sound of raindrops, can enjoy it well with chips and dips.

18. Naan With Paneer Tikka Masala Or Butter Chicken

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Naan is one of the famous Indian breads and tastes best with butter chicken. For vegetarians, paneer is always the best option and naan tastes equally good with paneer tikka masala.
Soft and fluffy naan with the smooth gravy of paneer tikka masala or butter chicken is what makes a stomach rumbling meal. The spicy gravy tastes really good on a rainy day. Especially if served hot!

19. Rolls & Wraps

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On-the-go refreshments rolls and wraps are one of the most scrumptious fast foods. After a tiring day, these diets help to rejuvenate oneself. Rolls and wraps can bring relief when one is stuck in traffic as a result of heavy downpour. These are hot, spicy and filling.

20. Khichdi

monsoon food 20http://www.manjulaskitchen.com/2014/11/05/masala-khichdi-rice-and-moong-dal/

A night full of thunder and lightning, heavy rainfall, a craving heart and an empty stomach, all call for a plate full of khichdi. Papad and little pickle make the feast even better.

Happy Monsoon!