50 Funny Pickup Lines That Work Only In India & Guaranteed to Get a Laugh

50 Funny Pickup Lines That Work Only In India & Guaranteed to Get a Laugh

The feeling of being in love with someone would make any person ecstatic, isn’t it? If the special person reciprocates to one’s interest in a positive way, he or she would fly high in the air and reach cloud nine instantly. However, not every crush waves a green flag during the first few interactions. Thus, the people in love, especially the youth, resort to hilarious methods of grabbing the attention. One such commonly used technique is using pickup lines to impress. While many feel that it doesn’t work, there are a large number of people who took their love lives to the next level, by using them. Many individuals also use these lines to spice up conversations with their partners to retain the spark in their relationship. Here are 50 such funny pickup lines that have actually helped people in get the desired attention. However, try them at your own risk!

1. Did You See My New Jacket? It Is Made Up Of ‘Boyfriend Material’?

Pick up 1http://www.indiatvnews.com/lifestyle/news/salman-khan-most-popular-style-statements-3131.html

2. Girl, were you born on Diwali? Because You are a ‘Pataka’

Pick up 2http://www.filmytown.com/author/admin/page/41/

3. I don’t want Jalebis or Gulab Jamuns, none of them are as sweet as you

Pick up 3http://galleryhip.com/jalebi-bai.html

Pick up 3ahttp://www.quickmeme.com/Jalebi-bai

4. I’ll delete my ‘Shaadi.com’ profile for you

Pick up 4http://www.sliceofreallife.com/2014/11/07/shahrukh-khans-best-dialogues-ever/

5. You Are Dollar, I’m Rupee, Because I Keep Falling For You

Pick up 5http://www.akshaykumar.org/forum/viewtopic.php?f=35&t=1971&start=160

6. Is Your Father Mr Sreenivasan, Because I Need To Fix A Match With You

Pick up 6http://essentiallysports.com/supreme-court-furious-n-srinivasan/

7. Hey, you owe me a drink, because when I looked at you I dropped mine

Pick up 7http://dilshadsalon.in/styling_shahid.html

8. If You Like Bananas Come With Me Because I’m A’kela’

Pick up 8

9. I heard you are good at algebra…Will you replace my X without asking Y?

Pick up 9https://applepieinmypants.wordpress.com/2013/09/02/magic-of-hindi-movies/

10. Twinkle Twinkle Little Star, Will You Be My Pehla Pyar? Up Above The World So High, I’m Not Even Scared Of Your Bada Bhai

pick up 10http://www.dnaindia.com/entertainment/column-drifting-kites-writes-twinkle-khanna-2023936

11. Is Your Name ‘Gillette’? Cause You Are The Best A Man Can Get

Pick up 11http://www.kodagufirst.in/?cat=16&paged=18

12. Do you eat a lot of pizza because ‘tu cheese badi hai mast mast’

Pick up 12http://farztv.com/tu-cheez-bari-hai-mast-mast-indian-song-farztv-com/#

13. Aren’t your legs tired? Because you’ve been running on my mind all night

Pick up 13http://www.indiaglitz.com/when-imran-got-slapped-by-katrina-hindi-news-70264.html

14. Baby, are you from Turkey? Cause Whenever I see you I become Tharkee

Pick up 14http://www.rediff.com/movies/report/the-10-worst-films-of-govinda/20141117.htm

15. I’ll Be Your Raj If You’ll Be My Simran

Pick up 15http://alnoormediagroup.com/2015/02/page/17/

16. Is your father a terrorist, because you are a bomb?

Pick up 16http://indiatoday.intoday.in/story/rani-mukerjis-past-love-affair-aamir-khan-abhishek-bachchan-govinda/1/356962.html

17. You are hotter than Rajasthan in Summer

Pick up 17https://kismatandkarma.wordpress.com/2013/12/10/the-evolution-of-bollywood-men/

18. Are you the reason behind global warming? Because you are really hot

Pick up 18http://hotmusic2.blogspot.in/2013/11/indian-hit-song-video-jaane-kyun-log.html

19. Dating Me Is Like Being A Rickshaw On A Potholed Road – One Helluva Ride

Pick up 19http://katrinakaifonline.net/gallery/displayimage.php?pid=25634

20. Can I Borrow Your Phone? I Promised My Amma I’d Call Her When I Find The Girl I’m Going To Marry

Pick up 20https://oldhindimoviesfreedownload.wordpress.com/tag/free-full-hindi-movie-download/

21. Are You Wearing A Sari? Well, You Won’t Be Sari If You Go Out With Me

Pick up 21http://www.rx-elife.com/erectile_dysfunction/viagra_generic/1-1.htm

22. Our Parents Got Us Engaged When We Were Little. They Must Have Forgotten To Tell You

Pick up 22http://gupshupbollywood.blogspot.in/2011/05/uff-teri-ada-deepika-padukone-and-sid.html

23. You Are Like Chutney – You Spice Up My Life

Pick up 23http://www.in.com/photogallery/bollywoods-obsession-with-paisa-50003908.html

24. Is That A Dhol Behind You? Because I Want To Tap That Ass

Pick up 24http://movies.sulekha.com/hindi/break-ke-baad/wallpapers/1024/image44550.htm

25. If You Were A Burger At McDonald’s, You’d Be McGorgeous

Pick up 25http://corrierino.com/forum/viewtopic.php?p=964672

26. Are You A Camera? Because Every Time I Look At You I Smile

Pick up 26http://www.movpins.com/dHQxMTg1NDIw/dostana-(2008)/still-3086849280

27. I’m not An Organ Donor, But I Would Love To Give You My Heart

Pick up 27http://imgkid.com/surya-in-vaaranam-aayiram-with-guitar.shtml

28. Are You A Keyboard? Because You Are My ‘Type’

Pick up 28http://www.sheknows.com/love-and-sex/articles/820092/Office-romance-Is-it-worth-the-risk

29. Baby, You Are Like ‘Diya’, You Light Up My World

Pick up 29http://thew14.com/2013/08/08/mayank-shekhars-review-chennai-express/

30. Baby You Are so Hot That My Butter Melts Faster On You Than My Roti

Pick up 30https://plus.googleapis.com/wm/4/+yrf/posts/4B1pBgSEqFw

31. Do You Have Band-Aid? Because I Just Scraped My Knee Falling For You

Pick up 31http://www.nayaindia.com/tag/piya-rangrez

32. Is Your Father a ‘Halwai’? Because You Are Such A Sweet Mithai?

Pick up 32http://www.nayaindia.com/tag/piya-rangrez

33. My Love For You Is Like Diarrhea? I Just Can’t Hold It In

Pick up 33http://www2.esmas.com/espectaculos/fotos/iphone/galerias/66790

34. Can I Take A Selfie With You To Prove That Angels Do Exist

Pick up 34http://shellsbollyworld.blogspot.in/2010/06/yes-boss.html

35. I Lost My Phone Number, Can I Borrow Yours?

Pick up 35https://www.mangojoos.com/love-and-mani-ratnam/

36. WoW! You are So Beautiful, You Made Me Forget My Pickup Line

Pick up 36http://www.sliceofreallife.com/2014/11/07/shahrukh-khans-best-dialogues-ever/

37. Forget Batman, Superman and Spiderman, because I am ‘Your Man’

Pick up 37http://www.mid-day.com/articles/we-sniff-a-film-fest/204602

38. Do You Have A Map? I’m Getting Lost In Your Eyes

Pick up 38https://tamilgallery.wordpress.com/2009/08/19/vaaranam-aayiram-movie-stills/

39. Is Your Father A ‘Kasai’? Because You Are The Finest Piece Of Meat

Pick up 39https://oldhindimoviesfreedownload.wordpress.com/tag/free-full-hindi-movie-download/

40. Hi, I’m Mr Right. Someone said You Are Looking For Me

Pick up 40http://timesofindia.indiatimes.com/photo-features/Dilwale-Dulhania-Le-Jayenge-Lesser-Known-facts/photostory/26143831.cms

41. When I look at you…Kuch Kuch Hota Hai

Pick up 41http://timesofindia.indiatimes.com/entertainment/hindi/bollywood/news/Tum-nahi-samjhogi-anjali-bahut-kuch-hota-hai/articleshow/46612010.cms

42. You Are Like Rice and Curry, I Could Eat You All Day

Pick up 42http://www.quora.com/Indian-Ethnicity-and-People/What-are-the-traditional-dining-etiquette-of-South-Indians

43. Do You Believe In Love at First Sight Or Shall I Go And Come Again Later?

Pick up 43http://www.songsuno.com/movie/r-rajkumar-sonakshi-sinha-shahid-kapoor-hot-pics-stills-1dac6c2c75.html

44. We Go Well Together, Just Like Daal And Chawal

Pick up 44http://golgapppa.blogspot.in/2012/03/golgappa-golgappa-preparation-golgappa.html

45. Life Without You Would Be Pointless Like A Broken Pencil

Pick up 45http://www.mtvindia.com/quiz/general/which-atif-aslam-song-describes-your-love-life-121024.html

46. You Are The ‘Desi’ In Desirable

Pick up 46http://tevere.livejournal.com/50633.html

47. My Name is ‘Ola’ And I’m Here To Pick You Up

ca. 1997 --- Sikh Taxi Driver --- Image by © Catherine Karnow/CORBIS

ca. 1997 — Sikh Taxi Driver — Image by © Catherine Karnow/CORBIS


48. Our relationship is so strong, it will survive a season of Big Boss

Pick up 48http://businessofcinema.com/bollywood_hollywood_photos/bigg-boss-seasons-winners-hosts/172579/8

49. One Date and I’ll ‘Swacch’ You Off Your Feet

Pick up 49http://www.buzzfeed.com/niralishah/wont-be-sari#.sepoaP8wMQ

50. How do you like your eggs in the morning? Scrambled, poached or fertilized?

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