Akshay Kumar & Twinkle Khanna Love Story: How The Khiladi Fell For Ms Funny Bones

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Even if you are not a Bollywood fan, you cannot miss the guess on who’s the Khiladi of Bollywood. And for those who have been bit by that bug know for sure that we are talking about none other than our very own Akshay Kumar.

He has cemented a name for himself notwithstanding the fact that he does not have a Bollywood background. He has made hearts throb in the 90’s and it seems his fan following is forever on the rise.

Cupid Had His Bow Ready!

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Not only the masses but this taekwondo black belt has made co-actresses go weak in their knees. However, there was a time when the Khiladi too became Anari, and that was when he met his lady love, the extremely talented and stunning Twinkle Khanna.

For all those who do not know, he was into martial arts before becoming tinsel town’s Akshay Kumar. He prefers doing his stunts himself and has done many somersaults on-screen, but this time he was head over heels – in love.

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Twinkle Twinkle: The B-Town Star

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Tina (Twinkle) Khanna being the daughter of superstar Rajesh Khanna and Dimple Kapadia, the Bobby girl from the movie by the same name, was already a star.

As we have seen, every star kid is expected to follow the footsteps of their parents and Tina too followed suit which brought her into the glam world.

She was the innocent looking girl next door, and although she was not critically acclaimed for her role in Barsaat, Twinkle was able to earn a place in the hearts of Indian film lovers.

When Akki Met Tina…

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Every story has to have a beginning and when the story is like the love story of Akshay Kumar and Twinkle Khanna, we are intrigued to know the 5W & 1H about it.

With the ebb and flow of his personal as well as professional life, Akshay had by then tasted both success and failure, along with knowing the different colors of love. Having been linked with almost all his co-actresses, this heartthrob had earned the name of a Casanova and there was a time when he was fenced with scandals. However, for diverse reasons, none of the alleged relationships converted into a nuptial one.

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But, As They Say, ‘What Is Meant To Be Will Be!’

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Love counts as one of the most unanticipated junctures in life, and often we are caught off-guard when this strikes. It was the same for this macho man who also owns a soft heart, but void until then.

He and his soon to-be wife Twinkle Khanna were having a photo-shoot for the Filmfare magazine, and unaware, Cupid’s bow struck both of them point blank.

He instantaneously knew that this was the hue of love with which he wanted to paint his life.

They started dating but marriage was not on the plate as it was an important phase of their careers. However, Akki knew that Tina was the one with whom he wanted to spend the rest of his life, and eventually popped the question.

But Twinkle was not sure about getting married at that time so she put a clause and Akshay was sporty enough to take the bet.

Both Won!

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In 2000, her film Mela hit the theatres, but before the release, she placed a bet, saying that if the movie did well at the box office, then she will continue to concentrate on her career.

However, if the film does flop, she will marry Akshay and become a homemaker, and you know what fate had in store for them. The film turned out to be a disastrous dud (of course we felt sad for the producers) but had this not happened, we might not have got a blockbuster real life love story.

Timeless Togetherness!!

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It’s been more than a decade of togetherness for them and we are sure neither regrets the bet or the revenue Mela earned. After all it was this film which held the cards and decided their romantic fate.

Even if Twinkle was disappointed at that time regarding the bad reviews the movie got, she must just laugh about the silly but life changing bet she placed. As for Akshay, he was glad then and now even more, and was quoted saying,
“She was very confident about Mela and said that if the film didn’t work, she would get married. Fortunately for me, Mela flopped, and we got married.”

The Life Changing Moment…

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After innumerable link-ups and break ups, it was thought that he will not settle in life anytime soon, more so because many of his relationships broke at the threshold.

But neither the media nor the film industry had any idea about his plans to marry Twinkle Khanna, and the stars too did not let it become news.

On 17th January, 2001, in a private ceremony, they tied the knot with their closest friends and family beside them. When the couple appeared before the media, it seemed like an unbelievable story and it took B-town substantial time to absorb the fact that the so-called Casanova is now taken, and taken for good.

Made For Each Other!!

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At that time no one knew that this couple will give major relationship goals to all. After he met Twinkle, everything got revamped, his lover boy status as well as his life. He has himself admitted the same when he said,

“Twinkle has not only added to my wardrobe but also to my bank balance. I was a scattered person; she is the one who has put me together. After marriage, she has kind of raised me (Laughs). On a serious note, whenever I’ve broken down she’s given me emotional support.”

Twinkle’s Pillar Of Support

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After their marriage, Twinkle found her real passion and it was not films, but interior decoration. She, therefore, ended her career in Bollywood and chased her dream. But to take such a leap in life she needed support and she was certain that her hubby dear will ALWAYS have her back.

Now, that’s what we call ‘leap of faith’!

All these years, she has dabbled with interior decoration and has designed the interiors of many celebrities. She also owns a store of the same with business partner and friend Gurlein Manchanda named ‘The White Window’, and with this she is making a name as an entrepreneur too.

When She Held The Pen!!

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Tina is also an impeccable writer who masters the art of diluting humor with wit in proportion, enough to keep the readers glued to the content.

She writes columns for renowned publications and her book ‘Mrs. Funny Bones’ is one of the best non-fictions in Indian English literature that we have come across in recent times.

In an interview she was quoted saying, “He really believes in my capabilities as a person and that gave me a lot of confidence to switch jobs. Even today, if I do something new, he ensures he is a part of it. For instance, I have been writing a weekly column in a newspaper since a year now, but he still reads all my pieces before I submit them.”

Well, we too thank Akshay for being the pillar of support else we might have missed the opportunity to meet Mrs. Funny Bones.

We are also grateful to Twinkle for following her heart as we know saying goodbye to a promising career in Bollywood must not have been an easy decision. We were a fan when she appeared on the silver screen, but we have been equally charmed by her literary capabilities.

The Happy Family!!

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If you thought the couple has left no stone un-turned in their professional life, you should see them as parents.

Yes, they have a son named Aarav and a daughter called Nitara. When you see them together, you will undoubtedly crown them as the hot & happening parents. They find time to spend with their kids and know how to strike the perfect balance between their personal and professional life.

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Akshay is a self-made man and has even worked as a chef and waiter when he went to Bangkok for his martial arts training.

He wants his children to learn the value of money and become good humans. He puts in efforts to let them have a life which is far from the glamour world, and tries to keep them away from the media.

If Fairytales Were For Real, It Will Definitely Look Like Theirs

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Thanks to their Twitter activities, we get a glimpse of their family time and seeing their happy moments we are filled with hope.

On their 15th wedding anniversary, both shared photos on Twitter which said it all.

Ergo, we can believe that small gestures too can convey volumes when it is wrapped in love.

Wishing that their happily ever after life gets better with each passing moment, giving us more reasons to believe in love, and its magical touch.