Leo – Yearly Horoscope 2016


For 2016, there would be a decent stream of assets and vitality throughout your life. You would figure out how to lead a basic life regardless of your characteristic nature of being garish. In any case, your voice should be heard till quite a distance and henceforth you have to adhere to the spotlight no matter what in your life. There would be numerous approaches to learn much about your identity and your response towards everyone around you. You will face challenges this year that have the ability to change your life drastically. Try not to trust anybody, even those near your heart during this year. Consequently be discrete and selective in your ways. Ensure that you get your reasonable measurement of flexibility and freedom in all spheres of your life. Try not to settle on new choices till around mid-2016. Find out how to trust your instincts and your driving forces. There would be some wrestling on your part to gain control over your own space in this year.

Leo Health

The beginning of 2016 would discover you in low spirits, vitality and energy, since minor infirmities will frequent you. However, the middle of the year would see you in another light. There would be certain problems associated with your digestive system, and you would also feel exhausted and stressed out. Thus ensure that what you eat and what you do doesn’t affect your physical and mental health in any adverse way. Change your lifestyle and let go of negative behavior patterns. Escape your diligent work mode and set aside some time for some recreational activities. In spite of the fact that you would be low on energy, your continuance and hopeful standpoint might see you through such times without a hitch in your overall wellbeing.

Leo Education

For the year 2016, some Leos may face hindrances in their studies, and thus find it difficult to put in their heart and soul into whatever course they pursue. The best way to deal with this is to avoid getting deterred or deviated from your goals and instead focus on your studies.

Leo Love

In 2016, you would receive a lot of love, attention and care from your precious ones, more than you can shower on them. Home would be your backbone for the year. There would be a few hindrances in your wedded life or romantic relationships. Instead of retaliating during arguments, speak wholeheartedly with your partner to sort out all differences. There would be a million approaches that will help you get closer to your beloved more than ever. Figure out how to balance all aspects of your life. In the latter half of the year, the understanding you share with your better half will improve. Have important discussions with them about the future of your bonding in the long run. Towards the end of the year you would again face a few hiccups but with careful planning and execution, tackling them would be no big deal.

Leo Career

2016 would be a decent period to get to adopt a more down-to-earth approach. Try not to contradict your superiors or associates regardless of the possibility since it means conflicting with them. Figure out how to state your position at work. In this period there would be much enticement for you to make a migration or move. Try not to whine and if your heart says yes then go for it. Lazing around wouldn’t be the right thing to do. Whether you’re into business or administration, the year will be a fruitful one. Ensure you do everything in your power to secure your future. In the present year, all you need is common sense to excel in your professional life.

Leo Suggestions

2016 would present you with ample opportunities for development. Never let even one of them pass you by; grab them and attempt to scale in life. Time would be on your side, so continue advancing despite the incidental detours here and there.