Taurus – Yearly Horoscope 2016


2016 guarantees numerous opportunities for socialization and family time, where you will be spending precious moments with your loved ones. There would be flawless agreement as you have desired for a long time but which has been evading you for quite a while. The year would be extremely propitious for you, so much so that every attempt you make would be in favor of you, despite all obstacles and hardships. This year would be loaded with adventures, hard-to-keep assignments and time-centric work routines. You would be having your hands full all as the year progresses. Ensure that you get the assistance of people around you as you can’t handle hindrances singlehandedly. Around the middle of the year you may be forced to take some rash decisions that may directly affect you in the long run. Dodge any miscalculations in your personal and professional life to have a period that is free from stresses and anxiety. You are encouraged to stay focused during the year as doing otherwise may have serious repercussions throughout your life.

Taurus Health

2016 would be a year loaded with great well-being and cheer for you. You begin the year with great ardor and this will continue till the very end of the year. You would be in great form with positive thinking forming your very core. In any case, don’t adopt a laidback attitude; instead work on getting rid of all the anxiety and strain in your life by going in for a few activities that will help you rejuvenate. Be the master of your own life and let no unfortunate propensities play spoilsport as the year guarantees numerous open doors in every aspect.

Taurus Education

In 2016 you would be faced with a few impediments in case you’re pursuing higher studies. Some of you will have the opportunity to travel abroad in pursuit of higher education. Those who are not going to a foreign land will also prosper in whatever field they choose. As the year progresses, you might face competition and rivalry from your peers. Take responsibility for your decisions as well as actions and academically, the year will turn out to be favorable. You will take a liking to the subject you pursue and this will give you the required fixation to pass with flying colors.

Taurus Love

In 2016, your love life will be filled with passion. There would be many endeavors on your part to get support of your friends and family for this year. You would turn out to be friendlier now and it would be easy for you to grab the attention of the opposite sex. This year is a good time to devote yourself to the prosperity of your friends and especially your partner. For those looking for a better half, the time is right for transforming companionship into love. Those as of now in a relationship will find very complications. The middle of the year may bring about some misfortune in the love front. Misunderstandings and other obstacles might lead to a temporary separation from your partner. However, by the end of the year all complications would be sorted out.

Taurus Career

This year is a perfect time to display your wild imagination in your professional field. You would be abundantly remunerated during the year-end. Remember, the time you lose will never come back, so utilize it suitably. This is a decent time to request a raise as you would be in the great books of your superiors during the current year. Completing tasks in collaboration with colleagues would yield exceptional profits now. Those in contractual assignments would also see an improvement in their career graph. In any case, those in business are encouraged to check their expenditures which is sure to increase to a certain degree.

Taurus Suggestions

You are suggested to take up a few hobbies that intrigue you during the current year as an anxiety buster. Draw out the innovativeness in you and set aside time for yourself. This year would give you the right inspiration to bring out the best in yourself, so take full advantage of this time.