Sagittarius – Yearly Horoscope 2016

For 2016, your basic emphasis would be on self-improvement. Presently you would feel the warmth or drive more towards advancing in life as opposed to adhering to routine tasks that take you to no new place. In this period you would have the capacity to improve your lifestyle. You will concentrate on taking care of things until further notice. You would have the capacity to take imperative choices with respect to a few connections throughout your life. Try not to dither from getting rid of certain useless associations that stand in the way of your opportunity, freedom and development. You require adequate space to spread your wings far and wide. The end of the year would favour you with the great results for your endeavours all along.

Sagittarius Health

The year 2016 would take up a lot of your energy and you would think that it’s hard to set aside time to unwind and have a great time. On the other hand you are prompted not to over-strive a lot as your well-being would be in question then. Set aside some time to connect with yourself through some recreational activities and leisure time. Your idealistic methodology should see you in great spirits in spite of periodic minor health issues.

Sagittarius Education

Sagittarians would find this year challenging as they would experience a wide range of hindrances and obstacles with their education. A number of you would see a break in their studies. Some would experience relocation to a foreign land and a testing time in their studies. Focus and determination is of great importance for accomplishment in such a situation. Be hopeful and you would have the capacity to master a wide range of exams and competitions for the year.

Sagittarius Love

Your romantic life would a lot of undulations this year. Your possessiveness and heartless demeanour would be a noteworthy obstacle for any kind of positive advancements throughout your life. Have a heart to heart discussion with your loved one and get rid of any complications that may crawl into your relationship. The middle of the year would see a change in your point of view. For those not fulfilled by the present relationship, there would be chances for settling with a new partner. There would be highs and lows during that time in your romantic life. The end of the year might help you to decode your relationship from a different angle. Move ahead with re-established trust in life and don’t let old examples restrain you.

Sagittarius Career

The year would have the capacity to see you push ahead in a quicker pace with bravery and force to handle tasks head on. You would have the ability to fortify your position at your work place during this period. Work is worship, no doubt, but don’t begin following such ideologies excessively. Notwithstanding you need not expect the same level of responsibility from your peers. Yet, don’t over work yourself. This would get some cynicism in your life that would bring about negative results. Around the middle of the year enjoy some reprieve from work as it may take a toll on your well-being. You have to figure out how to protect yourself from the strain of work for better results in your professional and personal life. You would learn a few lessons the most difficult way possible this year in these aspects.

Sagittarius Suggestions

This year would bog you down with obligations both in the personal and professional front. Think back and perceive the distance you have come in life. This would likewise be a decent period to gain from the past to excel later on. Listen to your inner voice and impulses before you follow up on your ideas.