Shah Rukh & Gauri Khan- Love Story That Shows SRK Is The King Of Romance

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His story is not the one ‘from rags to riches’, but it definitely is a remarkable journey from a nobody to the ‘Baadshah of Bollywood’. We all know how Shah Rukh Khan started off by acting in television to making his way to the silver screen. In 2014, he was ranked second in the combined list of richest actors of Bollywood and Hollywood, preceding actors such as Tom Cruise, Tom Hanks and the like.

From Shah Rukh Khan To King Khan

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‘He came, he saw and he conquered’, that is what best defines King Khan. One of his friends, Benny Thomas, recounted at the show Jeena Isi Ka Naam Hai (November 1998), that once, standing at Marine Drive, with the backdrop of a setting sun, perfect as a Bollywood take, Shah Rukh said, “You know one day I’m going to rule this city”. Though his friends laughed about this at that time, today this gives us an assurance that dreams do come true if you believe in yourself and your ability.

Again Brother D’Souza from his school St. Columbus recalled and said, “…I asked you what are you going to do with your life and you said I am going off to Bollywood, and I said I think that’s a little absurd because you know nobody there and you said I will get there anyhow, and I turned to your mother and said what do you think, and she said if my Shah Rukh said it will happen, it will happen…” Well, with such supportive parents, taking a plunge in life becomes a bit easy, because you know there is someone else too who believes in your dreams like you do.

King Khan was quoted saying in the show Rendezvous with Simi Garewal, “Film industry has been a surrogate mother.” He definitely rules the city now and reigns over hearts of the masses, not only in India but abroad too.

The Baazigar Lost His Heart To Win Love

But who is the one who has conquered the Baadshah’s heart? Yes, we all know, it is his childhood sweetheart Gauri, with whom he has been married for the past 25 years, and we wish that this couple remains together for decades to come.

Today people have loyalty issues, commitment phobia, insecurities and all the negative peripherals of love attached to it. At such times, if we come to find a relationship which has stood strong in thick and thin, we tend to find out the beginning, because we believe it must have been wonderfully beautiful.

The Road To Love

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Although India is a secular country, history has it that many riots have occurred by the name of religion, so much so that today many think us to be religious intolerant people.

Therefore, it might surprise many that Shah Rukh and Gauri did not let any religion obstruct their love.

Reminds me of John Keats words which said, “Love is my religion – I could die for that – I could die for you”

Gauri Chibba was born to a Hindu family and being the youngest was the most shielded too, but love is something which finds its way and can penetrate even the toughest walls. Ergo, King Khan’s love reached out to his lady love and she too reciprocated it in equal measures (only if we could measure love).

These love birds first met at a party when they were in high school and even at that age Shah Rukh was certain that this is the girl he wants to spend the rest of his life with. He did not take much time to convey his feelings to Gauri and then the duo were together with many odds facing them.

Small Things Which Mean A Lot

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The renowned choreographer Shaimak Davar made a revelation about this love struck couple’s little moments which they stole from the world. He said that when Gauri was a student at Davar’s class, SRK would wait for her till her classes got over.

Will You Marry Me?

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Hopeless romantics like me idolize this charismatic man and whether he is portraying Raj or Rahul, we wish that one day we too will find our Shah Rukh, who will make our life special.

We also knit dreams as to how our Raj will pop the question to us, incorporating all the bests of Raj, Rahul and the like.

However, how many of us know how King Khan proposed to Gauri in real life? Was it straight from a Bollywood flick? No, nothing as such!

One day after a date, he went to drop her home and when she was about to leave, he put forward his question and drove off, without even waiting to hear if it is a no or a yes.

Several years down the lane, he laughs about the incident and says, he presumes it was a yes and that is why they are married now.

Shah Rukh’s mother was a social worker as well as a magistrate who helped people marry legally even when religious constraints and unsupportive families did not let them be together.

We think this broadened Khan’s perspective towards religion which is not meant to divide people but bring them together.

Both Shah Rukh and Gauri were immensely in love but they wanted their families to accept them together and only then they will marry. This pledge was hard to take and a promise which was harder to keep, but they never had a second thought and were determined to make it happen.

Possessed By Love

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They were in love but until they convinced Gauri’s family, the love birds decided to keep their relationship veiled from the society. This did not let them move around in public as couple which in turn increased our hero’s insecurities.

He did not want to let her go and wished to keep her away from the eyes of the world, thus, gradually, Shah Rukh turned too possessive about Gauri. He loved to see Gauri in loose hair as he said she looked too beautiful.

But he did not allow her to keep it that way, because he did not want the world see that. He also restricted her from wearing white shirt as he thought it was transparent.

Day-by-day, his possessiveness increased and she was no longer able to come to terms with it.

It was Gauri’s birthday and Shah Rukh made all efforts to make her day special with small little surprises and cute gestures. But the Baadshah did not know what his Begum was upto!

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Gauri was fed up of his insane behavior and restricting her in every little thing she loved to do; it suffocated her and so she took a stand. Without informing him, she left for Bombay with her friends and this was when he was robbed of smiles realizing that it was his obsession that drove her away from him.

Then his life took a Bollywoodish turn! Be it movies or real life, the hero never lets go of his lady love, and does all that is at his disposal to rectify things.

He decided he would set out to find Gauri and told his mother about it all. His mother had always supported him and this time was no exception. She handed him Rs. 10,000 and asked him to go and bring his love back.

Shah Rukh had never been to Bombay and this was the first time the King set foot on his land.

Delhi To Bombay: The Unending Search!

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He took a friend, Benny Thomas, along with him and arrived at a friend’s place in Kolaba, but on the second day, they had to leave the flat. This was when their real struggle began, but as we say, a friend in need is a friend indeed; Benny was with him through all this.

After leaving the friend’s house, they spent their nights on the footpath near Oberoi’s and they also stayed in the platform of Bombay Central.

He hurdled every obstacle that came in his way because all he wanted was to find his love. He knew Gauri would be attracted to beaches as she loved to swim; therefore, he tried to search every beach possible (Bombay turned out to be much bigger than he had imagined).

This Was Only The Beginning!

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He was broke, he was clueless but he never let the fire of hope dim and continued his quest, following every beach that people told him existed. He met a Sardarji who told him about a certain beach but there too he was disappointed.

However, when he was coming back, he noticed some people afar; on asking the driver of their vehicle he got to know that it was coming from a private beach. He did not want to lose any chance, therefore, asked the driver to take them him there.

There were many people but how can he not recognize his soulmate, who stood there. Makes me wonder if real reflects reel or the other way round!

This dialogue from SRK’s movie seems to come true at this situation:
“Itni shiddat sey mainey tumhey paaney ki koshish ki hai, ki har zarrey ney mujhey tumsey milaney ki saazish ki hai”

At first she was very angry thinking that his possessiveness brought him there, but she had no idea that the distance and wait had changed him. Next moment there they were embracing each other and crying in one another’s arm; love did the magic and they knew they cannot live without each other.

They returned to Delhi and applied for court marriage, but the one month which followed was a real testing time. Their names were hung outside the court which they had to hide from Gauri’s family. However, some Islamic people realized that he was marrying a Hindu girl and this created a lot of fuss in the community which SRK found too ironic as his mother helped inter religion marriages happen.

King Khan had once gone to Gauri’s house in the guise of Abhimanyu (the character he portrayed in the serial Fauji) and her family ever commented that he looked the yesteryear’s superstar Dilip Kumar.

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Dilwale Dulhania Le Jayenge

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He tried convincing Gauri’s family and one by one he won their hearts, but the hardest thing was to convince her parents. Her protective brother even warned Shah Rukh to maintain distance from his sister, which they remember now and have a dose of laughter.

After the one month notice was over, they had their court marriage and went to Gauri’s aunt’s house. From there they made a call to her house telling them about this. You can well imagine what must have been the situation at her house, must be similar to how Amrish Puri reacted on finding about Raj and Simran in DDLJ.

Just like the movie he dared to face his in-laws without thinking about the consequences and they accepted the marriage. Later, they also married following both Hindu and Islamic rituals, and Shah Rukh Khan has emerged as a real life hero, winning over everyone’s heart.

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Forever After!

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Eversince then, their relationship has grown strong and their love knows no bound. They are now parents to three children — Aryan, Suhana and AbRam (a son they have through surrogacy).

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We loved him on-screen and made him our epitome of romance, but after knowing so much about their love story which has come a long way, we think we prefer someone like Shah Rukh Khan and not Raj and Rahul. What say?